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Making the case for Universal Access to Fees-Free Prescriptions

Here is the link to the report: Better healthcare for all:  Community pharmacy staff on the effects of universal fees-free prescriptions

Read the contributions from pharmacists and pharmacy staff as they offer fresh angles and give new evidence on the benefits of universal fees-free prescriptions for all patients.

As well as far better access to vital medicines for those financially struggling, benefits for all patients include: better preventative care & early interventions, and better education/ longer consultations.

Two-thirds of community pharmacies (67%) have expanded their health service offerings as the reduction of fees-related admin and explanation is on average 10.2 hours a week per community pharmacy.

Universal fees-free prescription also enables better continuity of care; and elimination of financial shame for patients.

As we say in the report: “thanks to all the pharmacists and community pharmacy staff who took the time to respond to the survey, with such thoughtfulness and knowledge. Your care for your communities makes this work possible.”

The Independent Community Pharmacy Group wants to acknowledge the outstanding work of the Prescription Access Initiative (PAI) in championing and promoting this cause.